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Hilton or Wallace?


With Luck still out… would you bench Hilton for Mike Wallace?

Tough decision to be fixed in the next 10 minutes…


I would stick with Hilton. He can make plays after the catch and is the number 1 option. Wallace is typically a deep threat, and with Maclin on the roster won’t be the number 1.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. Much like the guys talked about this week on the Podcast - you play the guys you drafted to be your starters in week 1…

My other potential replacements are Woodhead, Kenny Britt, or Jordan Matthews.

My thoughts still stay the same I think… sticking with Hilton…


Hilton over Wallace. The upside is still there with Tolzien getting ready to toss deep bombs this week.


While those are good situational options, I agree that sticking with Hilton for week 1 is still probably your best bet.