Hines >Barber?

At some point TB will give Rojo his shot

Hines seems like he’ll be the 3rd down back even with Mack’s return…

Should j try and stash him before week 2 games? Drop barber for him?
Other options to drop are ekeler ( I have Melvin so I’m handcuffing there)
And Robby Anderson

Do you really believe barber will lose his shot? Theres been nothing but great press for him.

I like Barber as well but his schedule looks rufffff

Jones has touched the ball already… and looked bad. Barber has barely touched it more, and looked great! Keep and USE barber or you’ll get the regrets. Hines is good, but may e just a guy…

Hines wont amount to any fantasy production so keep Barber for now or waiver stream

dont drop barber for hines!

hines has done nothing but fumbling the ball! IND backfield is a complete mess with mack back!

+1 for Barber.

Also, keep your handcuff.