Hines for Mark Andrews

Shopped Hines to the league and the mark Andrews owner is interested (desperate) as he has no depth at RB.
My RBs are

Hines could be a safe floor RB rest of season but I think hes at peak value now. Would you offer this trade?

Depends on your TE but Andrews for Hines is a steal. You may not get this chance again if Taylor takes the lions share of touches in Indy. If I were in your spot I would take it.

I would also take that trade. Unless you have a beast at TE cause that is what Andrews is.

Well it wasn’t a trade that was offered. He countered with Fant for Hines which I rejected.

I love that trade. Andrews is a top 3 TE and you have some rookie RBs with a lot of potential the rest of the season.