Hines or Swift Standard

I have the #1 waiver claim in my standard league so i have the oppurtunity to pick up either DeAndre Swift or Nyheim Hines. I really liked what both players did this weekend but I am leaning more towards Hines.


Swift will be a good play some weeks. I love Hines moving forward though

Swift could end up paying off later in the season but barring injury it’s still a 3 man show in Detroit. It’s only Hines and Taylor in Indy. Rivers loves throwing to his RBs and we know what role Hines has in this offense only now he may end up with more opportunities.

im really getting austin ekeler vibes here… could be something special

Hines also got the early RZ work when all 3 were still in the game. Unexpected and hard to imagine continuing going forward but it still happened and means something.

Yea I’d also go with Hines. Definitely impressed me, didn’t see that one coming lol :call_me_hand: