His Bell & Shepard for my White & Baldwin

I’m 4-0 in a 0.5ppr league and I got a trade offer where I get Le’Veon Bell and Sterling Shepard and I give James White and Doug Baldwin. Here is the rest of my team:

RB: Kamara, White, Ajayi, Breida, Crowell
WR: Green, Cobb, Watkins, Ridley, Baldwin


You do that3trade right now, bell is coming back week 8

wtf. wow. did you accept yet??

Lol no wonder you are 4-0 your league is dumb in the head

That is the easiest accept of my life. Dude on the other side has no idea what he’s doing.

I actually countered. I offered Ajayi and Baldwin for Bell and Shepard. And he accepted!!! I’ve now got both Kamara and Bell if he comes back week 7 and get to still keep James white

lol. sick. that is a joke