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His Freeman, AJ Green for my McCoy, Jordy! Good trade for my team?


Hey Footclan! I’m trying to upgrade at WR especially with Rodgers out (affecting Jordys numbers). Should I make this trade?

8 team, half PPR with 3 WR slots. here’s my roster:

QB: Dak and Watson

RB: McCoy, Hunt, Gurley, Abdullah, Kamara

WR: Jordy, Demaryius, Pryor, Baldwin, Parker and Benjamin


May be worth noting he may not want McCoy. It’s possible I have to offer Gurley or Hunt instead.


Excellent trade. If he wants gurley, do it. Hunt I wouldn’t probably.


Yeah I would take that trade. A lot more upside.


@louisgedoulis @austingozzie would you guys prefer to keep McCoy or Gurley rest of Season?


I honestly want mccoy over gurly


I would do that trade and would prefer to have McCoy over Gurley.


@Forty9Giants @louisgedoulis @austingozzie

Yeah, I’m definifinitely leaning towards Gurley, Jordy for his Freeman, AJ Green.

You guys don’t think I’m jumping ship too early by trading away Jordy?


I don’t think you’re jumping the gun…AJ is great so it’s not like you’re selling low on jordy


Thanks! That’s what I’m thinking too.


Yeah I’m a Rams fan so it pains me to say it but I’d rather have McCoy. His schedule is amazing coming up and he is a workhorse no matter what.


I think AJ for Jordy right now is a parallel trade, but I like freeman a lot more than McCoy. I think Jordy will still get it done with Hundly.


@mmacellaro @louisgedoulis @austingozzie @jaguileraroh @Forty9Giants thanks guys. the trade was just accepted. I’m getting AJ Green and Freeman. Best part about it is both Gurley and Jordy have week 8 byes, so I won’t have to deal with that next week. Let’s hope it works out for me in the long run. As a packer fan, it’s tough to see Jordy go.


Nice! Good luck


Better get Tolbert on the quick, you never know with McCoy. I have him too.