His M. Evans & D. Johnson for my B. Cooks and Gurley?

Trade was just proposed to me. What does the clan think? Full PPR
My other backs are Marshawn, Crowell, Buck Allen, and the injured Freeman.
My wrs are Tate, Hogan, Larry Fitz, and Cobb.
His other backs are Gio Bernard, Thompson, James White, and Lindsay, and his wrs are Julio, D. Thomas, Crabtree, and G-Mo Allison

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We woudn’t trade Gurley for anything. He’s unavailable period.

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That’s kinda what I am thinking as well. I am weak at rb otherwise.
What if I countered with Freeman instead of Gurely.? Evans & Johnson for Cooks & Freeman? Would that be fair?

Freeman is hurt at the moment so not sure about that one.

Freeman currently hurt- true. But I was thinking long term. I wouldn’t start Johnson this week vs Chicago anyway. Hoping the Cards get it going soon, because this is the 2nd week I am sitting Fitz.

Who’s avilable on free agency/waivers? you may not need to trade. give us the top available rbs and wrs

RBs- Yeldon, Clement, Hines, J. Wilkins, Penny
WRs- Lockett, Garcon, Ginn, DeDe Westbrook, Snead, Boyd

Bro, Lockett needs to be picked up asap. Ajayi may not go, so Clement is a stash as well till further notice.

I’m assuming that league doesn’t give player return yards?

Correct, no return yards, but get credit for a return td.
Actually, I put Lockett there to pick up Fitzmagic for the week. Have Rivers otherwise.
Who would you recommend I release to pick up Lockett or Clement?
My roster is above, and I have Gronk

Crowell or Allen for Lockette sounds about right. You would have to decide between those 2, I’m leaning toward cutting Buck for Lock. If you can wait until after this game tonight, and than cut crowell if her’s oin the bench, that’s another route