Hitting the trade market

So I’m currently running
Jordy Nelson
Kennan Allen
With Ty, thielan, and Desean Jackson riding the bench
I’m deep at running back with Hyde Shady cook and fournette
What values do these guys hold in regards to a top tier Wr? And could say fournette and a bench guy be worthy of say dez or D Thomas or like mike Evans.l
Opinions please

i think those are all good values to making a trade but you might want to look through the other teams rosters and make you best trade that way.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t do any trades… your team is stacked, why try and fix whats already working. unless somehow you arent above 500

2-1 after tonight would be 3-0 but jordy went out last week with me down by 10

Step away from the keyboard. Don’t trade any of those pieces unless you’re getting a bona fide stud back.

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yep agreed ^ unless you get a ridiculous offer don’t do it.