Hockenson for Curtis Samuels?

12 team, full ppr

I am currently in need of wr help and have Kelce, Waller, Hockenson at TE.

Would Curtis Samuel be a good grab for Hockenson?

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I say do it, ur stacked at TE if you think u can get someone a little better I think you should do it if not just take Samuel

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the guys next two best wrs would be E Sanders and Ridley.

I have marvin Jones jr too, maybe I could package him with Hockenson for one of them? I think it would be a tough sell though because Ridley and Sander have both come out of the gate on fire.

What do you think?

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Mmmm I say just take Samuel idk if Sanders keeps it up and Samuel is playing crazy good with Cam playing pretty bad and he will most likely keep it up with Allen

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Interesting, I’ll probably shoot an offer to the dude after sunday. Idrk much about Kyle Allen other than he played at A&M, wanna see what that o will look like w/o Cam.

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That’s a good idea I’m gonna do the same I have Cam and I’m stuck streaming QBs for now but I’m looking to trade for a QB just don’t know who to go for

Maybe you could get Kyler for cheap? He hasn’t shown his ceiling yet, could potentially buy low on him?

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Do you think Diggs/Gordon or Miles Sanders would be a good offer? I’m not really liking Diggs much this year he could go off this week and maybe cap off that value?

if you’re deep at wr I’d say try to flip Diggs, but see how Diggs does this sunday, could potentially allow you to ask for more lol