Hockenson for Hunter on Waviers

Would you pick up Hockenson on the waivers for Hunter Henry? or even Andrews or Waller?

5pt Bonus for 100 yards

I dont know if I would drop Henry but yes would try and get hockenson

Help with mine please

@coodechris I Love Curtis Samuel, probably more than most. I would go after Samuel, to fill up your WR bench, especially if your RBs are stacked.

Also, I do not have room to have 2 TE, so it is either Henry or Hockenson.

with Williams getting hurt, Henry’s targets might get an uptick as well.

I’d pick up Hockenson but I’d trade Henry. He will have a market even if you don’t need or want him. Go get something

Also to be clear I think both points will probably end similar and maybe lean Henry. Either or but definitely don’t drop