Hockenson or waller rest of season

Who do you like better rest of season T.J. Hockenson or Darren Waller?

Hockenson because of how athletic he is. Waller is a focal point of the raiders offense. But how good is the raiders offense actually going to be. We know staffords getting 3500+ yards passing. We dont know what oakland/carr is going to do.

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Its being asked a lot but would you take Hockenson over Vance ?

Right now I wouldnt over react on the hockenson big game and the vance really bad game…to early to tell and clearly what the steelers game plan was didn’t work so they could come out and give vance 8 targets next game. You get another week like week 1 tho then start to make that shift…

I’m making this same decision. Leaning Waller cause I think he will be more consistent. Hockensons points came from two huge plays where Arizona literally forgot to cover him. I have a hard time seeing Kenny golliday and jones having weeks like this one every week and I don’t see the team scoring much more points.