Hockenson vs Andrews

I have Vance dance rn and tbh I’m not liking what I’m seeing in Pittsburgh.

Hockenson and Andrews are both on waivers so which one should I Target?

I’m really struggling with Ravens decisions. It’s easy to overreact but they were able to play without pressure.

I think they’re still going to be great and Andrews becomes Jackson’s security blanket. If Jackson can still throw accurate under pressure I like Andrews ROS.

Andrews has at least a year under his belt and so does Waller (if available). Rookie TE’s don’t normally produce. Hockenson could be different obviously as most rookie TEs don’t put up a line like that first game but you can count on one hand the rookie TEs that produced top 10 season long going back to Jeremy Shockey.

I expect his production to be up and down. Stafford isn’t going to be playing a bottom half defense with it’s starting two corners out every week so I don’t expect him throwing for nearly 400 most games.

I’m debating it too. I have Waller but Andrews and Hock are both available. I’m leaning to riding with Waller bc to me its a toss up of which one you want to gamble on. That said, the Dolphins put on one of the worst displays of defense the NFL has ever seen so I’m not 100% buying the Ravens yet. I think they can be that good, but everything went right for them in that game.

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I’d go Hockenson. Andrews had less snaps than 2 other TE’s, hockenson doesn’t have who to take work from… sure Andrews had more targets, but they were up BIG. The lions were in the thick of it and stafford looked for him.

yea I probably would be going with Hockerson as well, Stafford is more polished then Jackson.

help with mine