Hogan, Agholor or Golladay? Pick 2

Hogan, Agholor or Golladay? Pick 2 in Standard… Really between Hogan or Golladay for 2nd spot

With Wentz back and no Alshon, we’d fire up Hogan and Agholor. Gotta see one more solid outing from Kenny G to rank him above any of those two. Still no Jules in New England and Agholor will get a good share of his targets.

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I’m leaning towards hogan and agholor. Gordon just came last week and while there’s a chance he might breakout, I imagine he will be acting more as a decoy this week til he learns the playbook. I’m starting hogan in one of my leagues. And agholor because wentz is back and Jeffrey is still out.

Being that it is a night game and I have the day to decide, who out of Hogan or Golladay has the higher ceiling today? Bigger upside/Bigger potential Boom?