Hogan and Burkhead

Unfortunately I drafted Hogan and Burkhead in all 3 of my leagues and they’ve torpedo’ed me to a combined 1-8 record. Sigh.

Time to cut bait on or hold? Guys like John Brown, Cooper Kupp, and Geronimo Allison are not seeing my starting lineup due to these under performing bums. Pats looks terrible and both of these guys are being under utilized.

Would any non-Hogan or Burkhead owner want to touch either of these guys in a trade?

I’d lean towards cutting Hogan and holding Burkhead. I’d think an RB needy team would take Burkhead. If not, I’d probably hold him. Still, It will probably be 3 weeks at the earliest before I’d feel comfortable starting either player again. I’d cut Hogan if it’s not worth holding the roster spot that long.

As somebody who doesn’t own either, they are both seemingly worthless to me. Michel is looking like he will be a true workhorse and Gordon and Edelman coming into the picture should take Hogan more or less out of the picture. I could see either of them having decent weeks now and then but Ros they aren’t looking good

I think Michel is probably the one to own in the backfield. Although he does need to step up his route running. He is not connecting with Brady and that’s going to hurt his playing time.

Hogan has definitely been disappointing. At the end of the day, he’s just not cut out to be the WR1 and draw top cornerback coverage. Slay just completely erased him from the game. I kind of want to see what he does with Josh Gordon as the 1 in the lineup but if there are other guys on the waiver like the ones you named, wouldn’t blame you for dropping him.