Hogan just hit the waiver wire!


Do I drop Callaway, Ridley or Cobb to pick up Hogan?

Thank you!

Definitely not Callaway or Ridley. Not really crazy about Hogan ROS.

Cobb, Allison is emerging as the wr 2 in GB

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Agree with both guys above. Cobb is having issues with like his ham/foot again. I’d be fine with dropping him for Hogan.

hogan is trap. you’re playing with fire

hogan is this seasons amari cooper lite! but id drop cobb to play in fire

LOL. drop Cobb too, let someone else jump on that grenade too unless you can package him in a trade to someone

I agree Hogan is risky, but contrary to popular opinion, I think he benefits from Edelman/Gordon going into the lineup. He was never made to be a WR1 drawing top coverage. he can’t beat top corners. But he can definitely beat secondary guys which is what he did last couple years. I’m not giving up on him until I see patriots at full strength.

I agree with Mikemeupp 100%