Hogan or Adams rest of season?

I play in a 10 man non keeper 1/2 PPR league.

Someone dropped Chris Hogan and Devante Adams this past weekend, who do I pick up out of the two, and who do I actually start going forward? My WR’s are already pretty decent with, I’m pretty much locked into the playoffs with 2 weeks to go for the regular season (Playoffs are week 15 & 16)

Adam Thielen
Jarvis Landry
Robby Anderson
Marvin Jones JR
Larry Fitzgerald

Other flex options would be Matt Forte or Alfred Morris

I’m leaning towards Adams rest of season, and starting Thielen, Anderson, and Adams for most matchups, and thinking of dropping Fitzgerald or Morris completely, it’s crazy I know, but they’re probably my least startable players right now out of my group.

Why do these drops never happen in my leagues. I would pickup Adams for sure over Hogan. Also, I don’t think Landry should be on your bench. In full PPR, he’s the 7th best WR. He has the safest floor of any WR other than probably Brown and Theilen. I would probably play Theilen, Landry, and flex Adams