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Hogan or Docston


Hey everyone!
0.5ppr start 2RB/3WR/3 Flex

I drafted Josh doctson as a late round dart throw but after eldelman injury I’m wondering if I should pick up Hogan off waivers instead. Thoughts?


Hogan. Doctson is at best the WR 3 in a worse offense and has yet to show anything at the NFL level. Hogan will be inconsistent, but I think he’s a solid WR4 with real upside.


Hogan over Doctson. Hogan played 37% of slot last year Chris Hogan’s career 11.72 yards per target with the #Patriots is best of any receiver in the Tom Brady era. Hogan has 57.9% of targets in slot since 2014 and a 96.8 rating on them. 91.8 overall. He’s the slot WR now.I don’t think we see Amendola take Edelman role. Hogan, Cooks both played nearly 40% of 2016 snaps in slot. per scott barrett and evan silva

i was drafting as it happened and picked him up in the 15th round