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Hogan or doug martin


This is a crazy bonus league with points per carry and reception.
I am desperate for wide receivers. I went rb heavy and I have ty Montgomery, cj Anderson, and shady.
Someone offered me hogan for doug Martin, and my receivers are trash.
Mike Evans, Terrell Pryor, garçon, Davis, Marvin jones.
I also have cohen.

With the point Per Carry I don’t feel why receivers are as valuable as running back’s but I also am desperate for a wide receiver.
The bonuses are 10 points for 100/150/200 yards and for 40 plus yard touchdowns.
Qbs get bonus for 300/400/500

If hogan isn’t enough give me receivers I should target. Thanks guys


this is just like my league (ppr and pp-attempt, yardage bonuses). RB’s are way too valuable. I would not trade Martin for Hogan. it’s early in the season, you’re going to need the depth in case of injuries. besides, i don’t think your receivers are too bad at all considering you went RB heavy. if you really must trade for a WR, i’d aim much higher than Hogan. If my quick math is correct, you could probably pull low-WR1, especially after he begins playing and is racking up 20-30 pts/game (15-20 attempts + 70+ yards + td). what did ty, CJA, and shady score for you each of the first two weeks? what about WR’s like, antonio brown, crabtree, tyreke hill?


Cj, ty, and Anderson have me 75, 75, 95.

Brown crabtree and hill have 70, 63, 46.
Most receivers are under 30 through 2 weeks. Your right I need to keep strong on my running backs in case of injury and wait for value.


First year in this league, 12 teams with insane bonuses, its insanity haha


it is insane! trust me, hoard those RB’s in your league; it’s for injury insurance, trade value done the road (get some wr1’s), and keep away. you’ll see real soon how much more valuable rb’s are than wr’s. good luck and have fun this year!