Hogan Trade for Cooper and Corey Davis

I was offered Amari Cooper and Corey Davis for Chris Hogan in my full PPR league.
My WR core is OBJ, Thielen, Baldwin, Hogan.

I’d have to drop one: Burkhead, Jamal Williams, J. Conner, Crowell, or Aaron Jones on suspension. Seems like jones would be the easy drop

Thanks for any help footclan

man that is tough. i would hold on him

I kind of want to pull the trigger because cooper and davis could both end up being the number one on their team and hogan is going to be chopping up targets with gronk, rbs, and edelman when he comes back

Also, the FFbs have amari cooper ranked 2 tiers higher than hogan in the ultimate draft kit and corey davies is ranked in the same tier. Seems like I would be getting pretty solid value here

This is the easiest trade in the history of fantasy football. Do it immediately. Drop Crowell.

Easiest. Trade. Ever.

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Yeah, pull the trigger.

No question. Cooper will bounce back, that Raiders defense without Mack will be bad and they will be throwing the ball to play catchup. Add in Davis and this is easy.

I agree with dropping Crowell.

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Make the deal. Drop Crow

For context, I would’ve accepted this trade immediately if it was just Cooper for Hogan. That is an absolute steal. Getting Davis for free makes this the worst trade in the history of trades for the other side.

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Hahaha, thanks for the guidance. The trade actually seemed too good to me so I was overthinking it. I’ll be sure to tell them later on that it will go down as one of the worst trades ever.

DO IT! A few more trades like this and you will win your league! Not sure what this guy is thinking lol

I like Cooper more than Hogan dude. You getting Davis on top of it? Easy. Drop Crowell