Hogan v Lockett, breida v Morris

C hogan vs Tyler Lockett
Breida vs Alf Morris

1/2ppr. 3wr 1 flex spot (12 teamer deep league)

Lockett because of matchup, and I’d go with Breida after Morris’s fumbles last week I think they’ll lean on him a bit more

People are dismissing Hogan but the Giant’s did just fine passing the ball vs Jax.

I’m not dismissing him I just like Lockett as a primary target against a bears secondary than I do Hogan as the non-Gronk target against the Jags secondary

I was talking in general… not targeting your comment but I think we can agree if you need the floor go Hogan if your looking for the ceiling get Lockett… he should look at his match up and take the risk as needed.