Hold Hunt in 2 keeper league?

With my current roster I’d be keeping MIchael Thomas for sure. I would keep Hunt if all this hadn’t happened, now I’m not sure… My other keeper options would be a bunch of WR2 and RB2 types like these guys:

Amari Cooper
Gus Bus
Lamar Miller
Corey Davis

Of those 7, who would you all want to keep for next year along with Thomas? I’m leaning Kerryon but that’s just based on talent/potential…

Should I wait to hear how long his suspension will be before deciding? Is it worth keeping a player with his talent even though he’s going to miss close to half the season if not longer?


There is a whole lot of waiting on this. I would wait till your deadline to decide to see if a punishment has been given. You also need to wait and see where and if he gets signed.

If at the deadline he hasnt even signed with a team then I would go Kerryon.

I would hold on to him, you still have a lot of time to see what ends up happening with him

Yeah thanks, I’ll hold on to him… just sucks that since he’s listed as “inactive” yahoo won’t let me stash him in an IR slot so he’s just clogging my roster at this point. Oh well, I guess he’s good enough to wait it out.

Thanks again!