Hold Josh Gordon?

Is he worth holding on to or is he just waisting space in my bench? I could use the space to pick up an extra RB but not necessary since I’m ok at the position.

If you have space to hold him a few weeks he’s worth taking a chance based on talent alone. I don’t know how bad his hamstring is and it will take him a few weeks to get up to speed with whatever new team he lands at but it’s certainly worth taking a shot at his upside. He was helping people in leagues down the stretch last year.

Wait until you hear some news. Also the podcast will be out in a few hours and the ballers will 100% discuss this. So be patient and wait for their opinion…That’s the reason were all here anyways right?

Will depend on the rest if your team as well. If you have studs at wr then you’re unlikely to trust starting gordon.

Either way I’d say trade him for potential upside rather than just release him.


Yeah I’ve got Thomas, Green, Evans, Goodwin for WR.
At RB I’ve got Gurley, Conner, Ajayi, Royce Freeman, Johnson, and Crowell. I’m worried once Bell comes back that I’ll be left short at RB since it’s slim pickings on the wire and the dudes I’m holding are mainly for their upside and are match dependent.

Hold for a few days. The news on the browns decision with him will be this afternoon (cut or traded) and then you can assess at that time. I’d imagine we’d know by thurs whether drugs were involved, and i’d assume they’re not if browns are working on a trade because he’d be done for a year and no one would trade for that.