Hold Maclin?

Probably need to roster another TE thanks to Jordan Reed on MNF this week. Considering dropping either Maclin, M Lee, or Duke Johnson.

Current WRs - M Thomas, Cooks, Fitz, Lee, Maclin
Current RBs - Bell, Cook, Hyde, CMC, Duke

8 team standard.

I have Maclin and I’m chalking up last week’s performance to a fluke. The entire Ravens team looked like they were hungover/operating at 3/4 speed. I like the long-term outlook of Maclin over Marquise Lee. Flacco is a better QB than Bortles (despite the fantasy lines) and the Ravens will need Maclin to win games. The Jags will lean on Fournette and their Defense to win games.

I like Duke Johnson for his safe passing game floor. Especially with the Browns positioned to play from a deficit every week.