Hold on to D'Onta?

A little over a week ago, the news on D’Onta Foreman was optimistic. Then he was not reactivated, with OBrien saying he wouldn’t be playing in Week 7. Since then, there’s been radio silence.

I have a good RB stable, led by Saquon and Mixon, but they have the same bye week.

I stashed D’Onta based on those early optimistic reports (and the 'ballers podcast, where Andy, Jason, and Mike regularly noted that D’Onta was nearly a lock take over the backfield upon his return).

Now I’m not sure if I should hold on to him…I am hurting at WR: Keenan, Kupp, Marvin, Sammy, Baldwin…not much going on there. I’m thinking of dropping D’Onta to pick up Geronimo.

Should I do it?

Geronimo should be owned, i don’t think Foreman is coming back for a while they have 6 weeks to activate him after all. Also when he does he’ll be behind one of the worst run blocking lines in the league and he’s not a pass catcher.

I’d grab the number 2 WR and trusted target for Aaron Rodgers and let someone else deal with the Foreman headache, he’s a landmine. Also RBs just don’t come back achilles injuries, any RB that ever had one has failed to come back successfully.

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I have dropped him for Duke Johnson in both my leagues. I might pick him back up as I dont see him as a risk to be picked up. Get Geronimo on you team and if D’Onta gets activated before the bye, go for it.

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Thanks for the sanity check. The silence on D’Onta – esp. after such hype – is deafening.

Dion Lewis is also just hangin’ out there in our league…

Aaron Jones or Dion Lewis?

Jones is worth one more look

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Too bad (for my fantasy team!) that McCarthy can’t figure out that Jones should be the horse in that backfield. He’s definitely over thinking things.


Jones better get more looks… Im getting pissed with the way theyve been using him … Im considering dropping Jones to pick up Barner (I lost Michel this week) I just cant bring my self to do it… I have Forman in my IR spot right now so its not hurting me to much on my bench

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I have Foreman stashed on my bench as well, I think they will ease him back slowly. I’m dropping him but I also have Gordon, Conner, DJ, Chubb, Murray on my roster. Was holding Foreman as a potential trade piece or late season flex. If you have something more appealing on the wire i’d say it’s ok to drop for Geronimo. At least you know what you’ll get from him

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I’m an Eagles fan (but I’m not a prick :wink:) and I can tell you that Barner has a nice approach…a nose for daylight…good downfield vision…and pretty soft hands. But he doesn’t have the physical gifts (the speed, the strength) to do it at a high level game in, game out.

I just don’t know how effective he can be in New England, though.

Thanks…yeah…like I said in my OP…my roster of receivers is a nice bunch of names (Keenan, Marvin, Kupp, Sammy, Baldwin: if you had told anyone at the beginning of the year that those guys would all be on one fantasy team, people would peg it as a contender, at least); but they’re SO not productive right now. It’s a collection of disappointments and underachievers. Kupp was masking it for a little while, but with him out, I’ve had a real tough time winning games lately.

So I’m willing to take a chance on Geronimo…

Unless you have the IR spot to keep Foreman, I would pick up a receiver.

Geronimo is a good bet especially because you can use him as a trade piece with your other receivers to get something. Don’ta has 0 trade value to me. Then agian you have Lewis and Jones sitting out there so you might have a hard time find “need” in your league.

Just Lewis is available. Jones is on my roster.

That makes trade leverage a little more viable, I suppose.

But I must admit, I have no imagination for how to package Geronimo with anyone from a number of underachieving receivers in order to get one back who’s being productive.

So what would that look like? Geronimo and Keenan (or Geronimo and Kupp) for…who? Who would take those two on to give up something that’s working for them?

Probably nobody unless they suffer some bad injuries. Either way Geronimo currently has legs you can use and Don’ta does not.

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no doubt about that second part (or the first, for that matter).

I get that you’ve gotta look for need when trying to construct a trade. My roster seems like a hard sell at this point. And I can’t give up Mixon or Saquon to pull a WR.

Gotta keep clawin’, though!

I’m also saying this because i currently have only Julio and Boyd as my functioning receivers and am reaching out to the Allison owner to see if I can offload anything on him for cheap.

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