Hold on to Rudolph or drop for ASJ?

Is it worth holding out for Bradford to come back, or just move on from Rudolph and start ASJ in the good matchup?

IMO unless you have Gronk, Ertz or Clay it’s like playing Russian Roulette. I’m all-in on ASJ this week. Juicy matchup and he’s an important part of the Jets offense.

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I agree with Joey. Start streaming…even with Bradford back I don’t know that Kyle Rudolph is a locked and loaded starter. ASJ this week. Possibly Ryan Griffin next week. Follow the Browns and Giants D’s lol…it really does work…

I’m in the same situation and I’m playing ASJ this week but keeping Rudolph for one for week to see what he does with Bradford.

If you can get a Brate or Engram, go for it. Otherwise stream.
Ben Watson could be a nice pick too too if the ravens offense starts to do something

so who would you play between Clay and ASJ? Clay has a match-up against Cincy who haven’t given up much to TE’s or ASJ vs the Browns

I wouldn’t drop Rudolph yet. He’s had two things working against him: Bradford being out AND Cook grabbing all the short yardage receptions. I’d wait and see what happens the first week that Bradford is back.

With that being said, I’d be open to streaming ASJ as well. Tight ends have been a dumpster fire this year.

No way I’m sitting Clay. He IS the Buffalo passing offense.

Damn. Lot of good info fellas. To the question before, do not sit Clay, it’s been said, but he is literally the Bills passing game.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. I just went out and grabbed ASJ for next weekend when Clay has his bye

Ended up dropping Crowder and picking up ASJ. Short benches in this league so I didn’t really have a choice. Probably going to wait for Sunday morning in and out news and if they don’t announce Bradford’s official return I’m rolling out ASJ on Sunday.