Hold onto Guice?

Hold onto Guice and hope he sees volume on a bad team with bad o-line? Or Drop him for Brian Hill?

Im stuck wondering the same thing here. hopefully someone has some insight on Hill at all. Guice I just picked up thinking WAS would run him alot to find out if they have a back or are going to need to draft another but that could just be a dream too.

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Knowing that Haskins will be QB ROS kind of ensures that Guice will be involved, just hard to tell if AP will have a major roll as well.

But it would be atleast for me dropping guice to get hill so who gets more work/ more productive with their work

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True. Hill will more than likely see more production, so Im really leaning that way after thinking about it. Guice will be interesting next year for sure.

Guice has been hard pressed to stay on/get onto the field. I think I lean Hill in that he’s the healthy body in an offense that at least moves and at the moment, he’s the only guy to turn to.