Hold or Drop

As the Zeke owner do you drop Tony Pollard. I’m pretty confident in my backs and don’t need him. But if zeke goes down he is insurance. I’d be dropping him for a guy like Terry Mclaurin in a half point ppr

What’s the rest of your Roster look like? If I were you I’d keep Pollard

Depends on how deep the league is. 8 or 10 you can probably drop. 12 or more probably hold.

He’s droppable.

I’d say he’s droppable if you want to. I don’t think you’ll need to this week, but it looks like you’re deep at RB. I thought McLaurin played well his first game, but I’m always skeptical on rookie WRs.

I really want to upgrade my WE corps. Somebody dropped Robby Anderson last night so I’m looking to add him once he clears waivers. There is also Crowder, Mclaurin, and Hardman available. I’m intrigued by Hardman regardless of if he’s a 2 or 3 on kc because the offense just scores at will