Holding kickers?

Is it ever a good idea to hold a kicker on your bench through their bye? I have lutz lol

Not my favorite thing to do but I have Butker and like Lutz that offense will score so many points that I would hate to give that up. Generally I say no but if you like having Lutz or have stacked Lutz with Brees so you get the satisfaction of that ‘xp’ every time Brees throws a td then go for it if you have an open spot on your bench to burn.

ive always thought it to be interesting to get and hold onto a kicker that plays on a team that moves the ball, but cant score… IE, Robbie Gould from last year lol. Usually good for a solid 10 or more each week, but you could always roll the dice on the waiver wire each week and still get mostly the same result.