Holdout for Boone or play a Rams WR?

In the finals of my half point ppr league and most likely won’t have Dalvin Cook this week. I’ve decided I’m going to start Miles Sanders in his place as my RB 2. My flex options are Cooper Kupp, Bobby Woods, or Mike Boone ( I don’t have Mattison ). I would really like to start Boone if he’s going to be the starter but I don’t know if I’ll have that information by the time the Rams play on Saturday night. Also, I would have no pivot for Boone should I decide to flex him and he doesn’t start. What should I do?

All signs point to Boone, neither Mattison nor Cook have practiced at all this week and are still not practicing today, so I feel very confident (like 94% sure) that Boone gets the nod on Monday.

With that in mind, I definitely wouldn’t play Woods, but I could be persuaded to look at Kupp. I feel like it’s kind of a ceiling versus floor comparison: if I wanted the safe play, I’d go Boone, but if I needed the big swing, I’d close my eyes and play Kupp.

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