Hollister or Griffin for stream this week

Full Ppr, 10 man league…help pls! Both on waiver wire

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Bump for help pls!

Prefer Griffin

I was an Evan Engram owner and had both those guys on waivers. I’m rolling with Abercrombie

It’s really a toss up man, I’m in the same situation with hunter Henry. I feel like hollister is a bit safer with Wilson throwing him the ball, and a better bet for a TD, but griffin is the guy to go with if you need your TE to win your week

Same boat. I got both on my team and flipping back and fourth. Currently have Griffin in just for targets

Yea it’s been a though decision, I picked Griffin in this one league and Hollister in another one :joy:…that’s for a indecision haha

My model has Griffin projected as the TE3 and Hollister as the TE8. My model is based on half-PPR scoring, but it doesn’t seem to change much. The Ballers rankings for half-point have Griffin as the TE6 and Hollister as the TE8 and in full-point Griffin is TE6 and Hollister is TE9. So I would go with Griffin. My full TE model is below for reference, just keep in mind it’s half-point based. Good luck!

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