Hollywood and Lamar for Lockett

Thinking about packaging hollywood and lamar for locket Murray is my back up qb and would leave me with a better WR long term is yes right?

With Mahomes down I believe Lamar is number 1 at QB. I know Wilson is literally number 1 but Lamar has the floor with his rushing abilities. You should be able to get more for Lamar imo I know people stream QBs but Lamar is top 3 no doubt

Seems like an over pay for someone that is up and down with targets

With Dissley out for the season theres a decent chance lockett sees more targets. Maybe move Murray instead of lamar than? Lamar’s bye week is next week so it weakens the QB position as well which could be risky.

Bump I obviously lean towards Lockett her but would like to see the other side