Hollywood Brown Dynasty Trade

Dynasty trade question… should I trade Ekeler for Hollywood Brown and Jordan Howard? Full PPR.

Post trade RBs would be Henry, Mostert, Howard, Hunt, Cohen.


I love Brown this year. He was hurt all year last year (bothered by his foot). Lamar has come out and said it, brown said it. He’s gonna ball.

Howard has and will continue to be a good running back in MIA. Is he going to be Ekeler? No because he cannot catch. He’ll give you great GROUND work! Solid RB2-3 for a team with some potential upside!

I think it’s a good trade for you, but know you’re going to significantly reduce production at RB without ekeler

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I should state that this league starts a max 3 RB and 6 WRs.

I’d pull the trigger for sure then

Thanks for the take, any other feedback from others?

Bump for additional feedback

no mater what keep Mustart

What about the trade offer at hand? Mostert is remaining regardless.

I like the trade. Howard might only give you 1-2 good years in Miami but Hollywood could potentially give you many good years in Baltimore.

I’m not a big fan of Eckler because of his situation. QB turnover more than likely sometime this season plus you don’t know if Herbert will work out.

I know Miami will probably have QB turnover too but Howard has proven himself in multiple offenses

I like the trade for you.