Hollywood brown?

So I like Hollywood brown because he’s gettin a lot of targets, however would you guys give up the combo of Carlos Hyde and Tyler Boyd for Hollywood in a 12 team standard league?

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hell yeah what are your other rbs ?

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Depends on other RBs… Whatcha got?

Other rbs are zeke, Jacobs and Chris Carson. Also have pollard and penny just in case


go with it Lamar Jackson targets Hollywood like crazy. When it starts to hit, it will be fantastic.

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Yeah, I’d take Brown then for sure. Should get more consistent volume than Boyd.

Would you trade Mike Williams and D Robinson for Hollywood Brown?

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I have Lamar jackson on my team im trying like crazy to get hollywood brown. if you can get him for robinson and williams I would personnaly do it. Hollywood is the number 1 on the team while Williams is number 2 and he is not having a lot of volume lately. Robinson becomes irrevlevant or unpredictable once Hill returns.

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I also have Lamar Jackson so i would love the stack just not sure how much to give up. I also have MVS, Crowder and Boyd.

As an ex-Hollywood owner, it took someone up to the Chris Godwin level and Alex Mattison(I’m a Cook owner) to trade him.

Gotta tell you- I’m regretting letting him go. Point is, you better come with a great offer. Mike Williams and D Robinson is a decent offer. Couple days ago, I’d taken it- not so sure now with Mike Williams’ back. Maybe wait a day and hopefully you’ll get a better report from Mike Williams practice or not.