Hollywood for Darrell Henderson

Should I give Hollywood to get Darrell? Full PPR.
I think the AJ Brown owner would also flip him for Hollywood if that would be better.

Play 2RB, 3WR, and Flex
RBs: Chubb, Swift, Jamaal Williams, Pollard
WRs: Diggs, Terry, Devonta Smith, Hollywood, Patrick, Ruggs

So you have good RB and WR depth, overall it is a 3 WR league and full PPR so lean going WR versus RB. I would not make that trade unless you are desperate at RB.

If you can get AJ Brown for Hollywood, then absolutely do that. Your depth would hurt for a bit until he comes back, but you should be fine rolling with 3 of those WRs. I would also trade Hollywood for Darrell though. You don’t really want to play both Swift and Williams, and being able to play Chubb+Swift+Henderson each week sounds great.