Hollywood for Jefferson?

Hollywood seems like he is having to split targets now more than Jefferson, so I want to pick up Jefferson. Thoughts?

I could see wanting to pick up a new WR based on an expectation you have for ROS (rest of season). However, what motivation does the opposing league manager have to accept the trade? Often lateral moves such as this are not accepted. Would suggest other pieces to enhance the opportunity of the other league manager accepting the trade.

Other manager actually is interested, surprisingly. I suggested it as a long shot. That’s why my pause is now do I really want to trade Hollywood when I think he has a better schedule ROS for WRs than Jefferson…but, on the flip side, Jefferson isn’t competing for as many touches.

Once again, that’s why lateral moves are not necessarily recommended. We (fantasy football collective) are bad at predicting outcomes.

If you want to make a bet on something you feel strongly about - then go for it. Otherwise you have a perfectly good WR to start ROS.

Makes sense - thanks!