Hollywood or Lockett+Ertz

Give Hollywood, get Lockett+Ertz. Full PPR trade.

I have Arnold but I’d like another option at TE, especially with OShaughnessy coming back and what that could cut into Arnold. Ertz owner has Kittle

Any opinions on this one?

I think its a decent trade. The value on Lockett is really hard no one seems to really agree. Hes boom bust with a less than healthy wilson so if your already pretty set and this is your wr3 then ok but if Hollywood is your wr2 most weeks id probably keep him

Arnold may have shown enough to not really let Oshag really take his targets so while ertz is an upgrade I think its a very slight upgrade

Appreciate the opinion.
Hollywood & Terry are my 2a/2b at WR (Diggs at WR1). I’ve dealt with doo-doo at the TE position (like all of us, yes I know) for so many years in a row, and now that I have a solid 10ish from Arnold I’m very nervous about losing out on that haha

ehh idk that thats enough depth for wr to lose hollywood unless you really believe in lockett. Personally I dont wanna have to rely on that.

I draft the 3rd or 4th te in the recent years and never regret in usually in the 5th or so. Andrews and Hockenson for this year. Controversial where you draft them but I got sick of it after streaming for so long too so im happy with it again this year