Home brew keeper league advice

Hey guys! I’ve just joined my father in laws keeper league. This will be it’s 20th season, and they are expanding to 10 teams from 8. It’s all done on paper with a unique scoring system designed to even the value of RBs and WRs. Also interestingly the weekly lineup is:

There was an expansion draft wherein both the other new owner and myself were permitted to take a player from a given team. The teams were able to protect 3 players from being taken. I wound up with Derrick Henry, Austin Eckler, Kenny Golladay, and Adam Thielen.

It is a 2 keeper league with no penalty for the keepers. I’ve offered Henry, and my fourth to another owner for the 3rd overall pick in the vet draft. The idea is to keep Golladay and Thielen then pickup someone like a Joe Mixon with the 1.03, then Possibly a backup for either WR, or RB with my 1.06.

Well that was a long explanation. I was just wondering what everyone was thinking about all of that? Should I target another starting position with the 1.06 because I won’t have a 4th to pickup a QB or mid tier TE? (I say mid tier because with two keepers 4th Rd is like a 6th rd.) It’s important to pick up good starters quickly here because free agency ends kickoff of week 6, and we have to have all the bye weeks covered at the table.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

Appreciate the help everybody!