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Home league silliness


My team after the draft and a savy trade lol… 10 team half ppr:

QB: Dalton
RB: Gordon
RB: Hyde
WR: Jordy
WR: AJ Green
FLEX: Crowder
TE: Kelce
K: Crosby
D/ST: Vikings

K. Hunt
D. Parker
T. Coleman

Apparently these guys didn’t do their research this off season…


Your team is definitely solid and deep but I wouldn’t LOL at everyone else. Ten team leagues usually means everyone is good and I’d be a bit concerned with Dalton.


I took 2 minutes to enter your team to be rated on footballguys.com

QB: Andy Dalton
RB: Melvin Gordon, Carlos Hyde, Tevin Coleman, Doug Martin, Jacquizz Rodgers, Kareem Hunt
WR: A.J. Green, Jordy Nelson, Willie Snead, DeVante Parker, Jamison Crowder
TE: Travis Kelce
PK: Mason Crosby
TD: Minnesota Vikings

Your receivers are the strongest part of this team and you look good at tight end as well. While no team can be expected to be above average at all three core positions (QB/RB/WR), you are in the precarious position of being a bit weak at two of them.

Although you should not be counted out yet, you may need to be active on both the waiver wire and in trades to turn this team into a legitimate contender. The best way to achieve that might be to sacrifice some of your wide receiver strength to gain multiple players than can help your roster now. It’s generally easier finding quarterbacks and wide receivers on the waiver wire than quality running backs.

Keep an eye out for quarterbacks like Dak Prescott from last year, Blake Bortles from 2015, and Ben Roethlisberger from 2014. All were available cheap in August, and all contributed to fantasy championship teams. Likewise, running backs like Rob Kelley and Mike Gillislee could be had dirt cheap at the draft or shortly after. You are likely going to need to land some of this year’s top waiver plays, so pay close attention to increased workloads, targets, injuries, etc.

Players we particularly like on this team include DeVante Parker, Jamison Crowder, the Vikings defense, and Mason Crosby. We have all these guys ranked ahead of where they are typically being drafted.

Bottom line:
With great inseason management, we think you have about a 70 percent chance of making the playoffs.
With good inseason management, we think you have about a 55 percent chance of making the playoffs.
With average inseason management, we think you have a 37 percent chance of making the playoffs.



I was going to give a real response but I think you’ve embarrassed yourself enough by admitting you use draft graders lol… it kinda makes me pitty you honestly… “Gordon, Hyde, Martin, Hunt suck so drop 2 of them and grab Rob Kelley and Gillislee.” Solid strat… league winner right there lmfao. I’d be willing to bet serious money you’re one of those morons who spams troll trades to everyone in the league hoping someone accidentally clicks accept… I know you’re prob salty from missing playoffs year after year but please don’t spread noxious troll advice like this to innocent people… some novice might read it and actually believe it since it came from the internet.


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I think you did very well at drafting. I’d probably try to use some of the depth you acquired at WR to upgrade your QB or RB position though. After Gordon you may not be as strong as you think you are. Hyde is playing on a bad offense behind a bad line. There’s no guarantee Martin gets the full load once he’s back either, and if he does will he do well or will he just be average? I’m a big believer in Dalton this year, but you are in a position where you could probably leverage some of the receiver depth for an upgrade at QB. Wilson, Cam, and Cousins are guys I really like this season.


@Ollivander The Fat Rob & Mike Gillislee write up was an example from last year btw.

As for @jakemm55 Chill dude, your obviously not old enough to vote. I said your team was good but Dalton is a weak spot for a starter in a 10 team league.

Your RB are good but very injury plagued btw.

Good luck!


Why would you post your team for people to comment on and then call them crappy fantasy players just because you don’t like what they are saying? I’m like the rest of them. For a 10 team league its an alright team nothing to be that cocky about that’s for sure. Go ahead I guess I am next to be called an idiot and don’t know what I am talking about bring it on! =]


I obviously plan on streaming QB this year… there is no scenario I ever a decent skill player for a QB unless the QB is just like a Garnish on top of another trade… I drafted Matt Ryan in the 15th round last year and was mocked by my league and forums alike… well guess how that turned out. I expect Dalton to have a comeback year and finish in the top 7 QBs… if not any moron with half a brain can get top 5 production from the QB spot by streaming turd QBs… there were even a few times last year mid season where I did stream rather than start Ryan… and I do feel thin at RB… Hyde is incredibly underrated this year… last year before his injuries he was within the top 10… and he was behind a terrible line and even worse offense… this year they get Kyle shannahan, Hoyer, and Garcon but for some reason Hyde will be worse? I’m well aware of his injury history which is why this isn’t a best ball team but a redraft team where I can make moves and trade players lol… but while he’s healthy he’s a low end RB1 high RB2 and that is a fact. As for Martin I went out on a limb for him… I think he’ll be great and even if he’s mediocre I’ll take 10 points per week from my would be RB2… and if he tanks well I have Jacquizz who was a solid RB 2 for me last year after Martin got hurt… I don’t like Coleman but I got him in like the 10th or 11th so w.e… and I truly believe Hunt owns the KC job by mid season and at worst is splitting work week 1… not gonna bother talking about my WRs since I’m obviously stacked there. This is half ppr btw so my WRs are more than capable of carrying mediocre RB play… I’m not worried about in season management since I owned Hyde, Cooks, Moncreif, Martin, Miller, and Ware last year and still managed fine streaming half my starters lol… QB play and WR gems like Tyreek Hill, Taylor Gabriel, and Mike Wallace helped me a lot.


1.) I’ve played in 10 team leagues for years and I’ve never seen a team with 3 first round talents the day after the draft lol. But okay. I’ve played in 12 team leagues too and the only notable difference is that it’s harder for good fantasy players to succeed since you’re limited with in season management when the waiver wire is empty… Saying you won your 12 team league with 7+ man bench basically saying you were the best at blindfolded darts… I choose to not play in a 12 team league with a bench larger than 5 (my regular 12 teamer) because if you have 1 major injury the season is over unless you got lucky in the draft and got guys like Howard last year… but fantasy shouldn’t come down to whether or not you got lucky in the draft.

2.) I didn’t call him a bad fantasy player for what he said… I called him an idiot for using online draft graders… if I cared about my draft grade I’d set it to autodraft. Hes not the only peraon commenting and I’ve had actual discussion with the other guy…


I did the online team evaluater because it summed up what I would’ve said, but did it in an unbiased fashion in 2 minutes. Yeah, I’m a freaking idiot! I’m high. Grow up dude.


I followed the link you provided and entered my team and league info and got a different (and much more indepth) response than what you shared… basically same thing about my WRs being stacked and Dalton not being a weekly starter (which no shit, only novices draft 2 QBs especially in an early preseason draft and I plan on streaming considering he was my 15th round pick) but also went into detail about how he has rollercoaster match ups and suggests pairing him… it acknowledges RB is my weakness (which, relatively, it is)… but also goes on to say that the 1 guy they’re pulling rankings from has both Gordon and Hyde the lowest out of the website’s collective experts and that another expert has Gordon at RB4 and Hyde at RB10 which would mean my team may be much stronger than this grading implies… but of course you were “unbiased” enough to omit the actual analysis and upsides and leave only the negative lol. When it comes down to it my RBs were selected based on upside and value… they all come with some degree of risk but if even 1 of them hits their potential my team will be disgusting… if they all bust into mediocrity my WRs should be enough to carry Gore level RBs


Obviously I don’t know all your league settings. I just was pointing out your team isn’t flawless.


Well I’m aware it isn’t flawless… but my point was that to stack Jordy and AJ and still come away with a 1st round RB in Gordon plus some RB depth is still a stupid team even for 10 team league… the only team similar to mine has Dak, Murray, Ingram, Julio, Baldwin, Eifert, and Zeke… his should be better when Zeke comes back but until then mine has an obvious advantage imo… plus he has no bench since he drafted 2 QBs and 2 TEs so he has to hope he doesn’t lose anybody by week 8… his only other RB on his roster is Woodhead… this was the only draft I’ve done where I’ve gone WR heavy and I got 2 guys in my peraonal top 5… I aimed for pure upside on my RBs… I like Gordon as my RB4 overall (omitting Zeke and reluctantly a spot ahead of Freeman)… I had the choice between him and Freeman but went Gordon because I didn’t know my WRs would end up so good and thought I needed the 25 touch per game upside Gordon brings… looking back on it I wish i would’ve gone Freeman but hindsight is 20/20… I just have more confidence in Freeman’s consistency and longevity. But I stand by Gordon as clearly ahead of Murray, Howard and Ajayi. Rereading your original comment I admit I reacted a bit harshly but anywhere I had posted that team in the last few days I got smothered by the relentless onslaught of trolls telling me that everybody in 10 team has at least 4 total studs and that 10 team is a joke compared to 12 team etc etc… so i was already on the defensive when i initially read your first comment.


You said “My team after the draft and a savy trade lol” I’d like to know what the savy trade was. What did you give up and who did you get in return?


Jay Ajayi and Garcon for AJ… AJ is my WR4 this year and I don’t trust Ajayi… rather have the sure thing in AJ than the Brandin Cooks of RBs. I think it’s worth it… the league is kinda torn… some guys think I ripped off the AJ owner and others think I fucked myself since Ajayi got 2 TDs in a preseason game lol… the only way I see myself regretting this trade is if AJ goes down.


Not a completely unreasonable trade but I can definitely understand where other teams would see that as a one sided trade.


I mean initially I saw it as me being the clear winner but after thinking about it, the guy I traded with had Jordan Howard, J Stew, Riddick and Gillislee as his backs… so really I saved him from what would’ve been an awful season… but from my point of view I traded a guy I got mid 3rd round (ajayi fell that far) and a later round guy in Garcon for a top 10 overall talent in AJ…


I wouldn’t say you saved him from an awful season by giving him Ajayi & Garcon. And you still are the winner in this trade, that could change by season end but Garcon would have to have a good year in SF…