Homerun WR on Waivers

Who is our favorite this week?

As payment for being in last place I want to select a homerun capable WR from waivers. I am already predicted to lose by about 15 pts anyway so I might as well scrape together a respectable showing for being in last place.

Goodwin against the rams
Godwin against the browns
Gabriel against the patriots

@Mwilliams41. Couldn’t help but chuckle when I read this. NOT because I find your situation amusing, but rather because it feels a “little too familiar”. AND…I just thought the :

was cleverly worded.

For what it’s worth my friend, I SOOO feel your pain. Just went 2-4. In 8th place out of 10. (The guy in 10th place has thrown in the towel I think, since hasn’t put much effort into his team past couple of weeks). (He’s now 0-6) But that doesn’t make me feel much better. I might as well be last.

Anyway…best of luck to you going forward buddy. LOL…you’re in good company if I may say so myself. (I know that prob doesn’t help, but…) :smirk:

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Much appreciated. I’m still having fun with it. Its just more fun to actually generate points.

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LOL…couldn’t have said it better myself.

  1. Projections don’t mean much. Projections in general typically only have like a 20-30% hit rate. On top of that, yahoo is notoriously and employs some of the worst fantasy analysts i’ve ever seen.

  2. I would take Goodwin or Gabriel. The appeal for Goodwin is the rams secondary is basically non existent. Peter has been one of the worst CBs in coverage so far this year and he is someone who routinely gets beat with double moves and that’s pretty much Goodwin’s game. Sell the inside double move before going deep or vice versa. Gabriel is another intriguing add cause you just saw Hill beat the breaks of the patriots defense with speed. Now I’m not sayin Gabriel is remotely close to Hill in talent nor am I saying that Trubisky is remotely close to mahomes. However, they are similar style and like Chiefs, Bears also have a tonne of weapons on offense and I doubt the patriots are going to sell out to stop grabriel. They take away the teams best weapon and that weapon is still ARob.

  3. Godwin is who I would rather have season long and ROS though. He gets consistent target volume and is one of the team leaders in red zone looks. And at the WR3/flex position, I’m not really looking for home runs, I’m just looking for someone to get me 9-12 points consistently and not lose me the week and that’s exactly what Godwin is.

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On Godwin, let’s see how this continues. INSANE that Evans is not getting these targets in the RZ! That is why I was so hesitant to try and trade for Evans… Winston is a question mark but seems to like Godwin and the TE’s and they will be chasing points all year, so seems like a sound way to look at him for ROS play…

Yeah I mean Godwin and Winston have shown connection going back to last year. In like 80% of the games where Godwin gets 8-10 targets, he’s either had 100 yards or a TD. He’s not going to win you any weeks like Evans can, but Godwin won’t really lose you a week either when you slot him into the flex.

Damn shame on Evans but c’est la vie. I just made a trade for him too but in that trade, I unloaded Cooper for Evans. And I much prefer Evans to Cooper cause at least I can predict matchups a bit easier with Evans than I can with Cooper.

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And THAT’S putting it mildly!!! Winston needs further suspension for being an IDIOT!!!

For what it’s worth, I am looking to grab Goodwin to start this week, and might even try to grab and flex-out Gabriel because I am having trouble trusting both Diggs and Landry at their current rate of production! IDK if that’s helpful for your waiver cause, but if Goodwin is healthy and he’s the lights out WR1, then he has a cakewalk for a schedule ROS, save another game against the Cardinals and Patrick Peterson…

Maybe if Winston just pretended that Mike Evans was his Uber driver, he’d be more inclined to “reach out to connect with him…”


Now THAT was funny!!! :laughing:

Im in a similar situation, lost last week and im going to use my waiver pick to get a wr i can play, because all mine are on bye lol
I agree with the guys above, i like gabriel this week because of the matchup, but i really like goodwin rest of season. I feel like godwin might get a decrease in some matchups(like this next week), because i believe evans is still going to step up and be at least a little more dominant…

Ps: i’d love if you guys could help me with my waiver decision: Waiver Wire help! Desperation pick up