Honest opinion needed

My buddy and I went back and forth on this trade. Dynasty PPR. Start 1qb 2rb 2wr 1 TE 2 flex def and kicker.

Zach Ertz for Tevin Coleman and Mike Williams.

I will not say which side I am on, what do you all think is the better side of what trade.

I personally see that as good value for Ertz long term. However, if I were the Ertz owner, and was in “win now mode”, I probably would not do it unless I owned another top 5 TE to replace him. Then again, I AM in “win now mode” and traded away all of my TE assets (Graham and Engram) this summer for dynasty picks 1.02 and 1.03 so… Haha. Most TEs are replaceable/streamable, however Gronk, Kelce and Ertz are not IMO.

Not a Mike Williams believer, never liked him. His measurables do not bode well for his style of play and I don’t see him succeeding at the NFL level. And with Coleman, i get that the upside is there of him potentially going somewhere and potentially being a lead back but that’s is just way too many ifs. There’s also a chance he lands in a worse offense still with RBBC. Ertz is a pretty solid stud at a position where there is a huge drop off after him and he’s only 27 so still has 3-4 years of really productive seasons left in a great offense with one of the leagues top QBs who has him as his favorite target.

I would take Ertz side of this trade all day and probably never look back.

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Fair trade offer.

I fall on the Coleman Williams side. But it is team specific. Shipping an RB and WR for a TE tells be one team needed TE help and the other WR and RB help. If not, then trade is lateral for value and not necessary.


I’d probably do the deal of I were the Ertz owner, if I’d already seen what’s out there and not been offered something better. It’s a solid deal and Coleman offers you something Ertz can’t, which is a viable cornerstone piece. I don’t see Ertz being exceptional forever. His value will never be as high as it is right now.

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If the trade made your team better, don’t look back. Each trade is unique to each team and league. Everyone is always critical. People will always give their opinions on a trade you make. But it’s your league, your team, your trade.

I am the Coleman and Williams owner. I like ertz a lot and I am in a position to win it. In fact I already have Gronk st TE. I just really like ertz and believe in his talent but can’t over pay for a TE. He accepted the offer via text and then backed out so I had to see if I was low-balling… I appreciate all the help

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Honestly I would prefer the players you already have, but if you believe in Ertz that much then go for it. I’ve been burned on the Ertz hype train before so I’m a little biased, and while he is one of the top tight ends, I think he’s being overvalued right now.


I understand this is done, but I like the Coleman / Williams side. I think Ertz is good, but I do not think he is massively over the others in the field. Perhaps more opportunity to deliver, which admittedly is something. But I like the upside of Coleman (early camp news granted) and I think M. Williams and LAC will be much better than many are thinking. True, that you could have a TE to play as opposed to RB/WR that might only be FLEX plays, but their upside IMHO is higher and I think we have seen Ertz’s ceiling.