Hooper & Mixon for David Johnson

My Hooper and Mixon for his DJ in a standard… I’m 5-5

Am I over thinking this? Lol

I was offered DJ for my Mixon and I turned that down. I don’t hate the trade but DJ keeps trending down and Mixon just rushed 30 times. Also, despite Hooper being banged up, he has a ton of value.

Hated mixon at the start of the year but he’s been good the last three weeks. With the rookie qb he should continue to get a lot of touches. Dj has played terrible and drake will take touches away and possibly make it a committee

I would probably…not. DJ is looking…not great. Mixon is at least getting volume. 4 weeks ago this looked like a smash. I know TB is good against the run but DJ also didn’t see pass volume. It’s concerning imo.