Hooper owners

Any of my fellow Hooper owners looking to drop him for some playoff help knowing he won’t be back for a month?

I picked up Jared cook and was thinking about moving on from Hooper to back Dak and his terrible schedule the next few weeks

I am in the same boat. I have Fells as well and standard league. Our playoffs are weeks 16 and 17 which sucks.

I thought I heard Quinn yesterday say the 4 weeks was not their timetable whatever that means.

Yeah I just read that. Doesn’t shed much light on the time table.

I dropped Hooper for Jared Cook this week. That timeline for Hooper is ug(h)ly.

I was able to get cook off waivers but I held onto Hooper. I’m looking at dropping Hooper for a better QB to start over Prescott’s next four games. His next games are rough. The problem is Dak has been pretty consistent on what he’s putting up points wise regardless of the matchup