Hope to determine who is in playoffs?

I know the ballers preferred format has 3 divisions of 4 teams and 6 teams go to the playoffs, but how do you determine those 6 teams? Is it the top 2 teams from each division or is the top 3 teams then the 3 highest scoring teams?

I would think the winner of each division has a locked in spot. Then you can take the 3 next highest scoring teams (some people prefer by record and then scoring for tiebreak).

My league just changed our rules for this and I like the way it came out. Six playoff spots, three for division winners, two wildcards for the next best records, then the final wildcard goes to the highest scoring non-playoff team only if that team was first or second in points for the season.

I think if all of your wildcards are based on scoring that works, too. But a lot of people like to save just that last spot for the highest scoring non-playoff team, and I don’t think that should be automatic if if turns out that team was only 4th or 5th in scoring.