Hopefully obvious keeper question

I assume I’m overthinking this, but thought I’d ask anyways. David Johnson for a 1st or Alex Collins for a 12th. Half point ppr, drafting in the 5 spot

alex collins emerged onto the field with the ravens, and has buck allen and dixon behind him. i dont think he has a ton of competition, but i also dont think he gets the backfield to himself. im still waiting another year before i make a choice on him. so although his value is crazy good getting 8 rounds of value, im just not giving up DJ for someone im not really happy to have. i would like to have collins in the 12th hell yeah. but his workload and end of season stats are not locked in for me. so for me this is purely not being sold on collins yet is all.

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it depends what are your options when you are on the clock…

I think it depends on the players available. If you have a chance at getting a stud rb like zeke dj Barkley to fall to you then I’d take Collins as a 12th. If you don’t think you’ll get a chance at a stud rb then just roll with dj. You’re getting great value on Collins keeping him in the 12th you could realistically take 2 rbs and 1 top wr in the first 3 rounds and have Collins as your rb3 that’s pretty great depth and you’d be getting better value out of your keeper. If there are a lot of rbs being kept and you don’t think you’ll get two bell cows with your first two picks then just take dj. But if you could somehow get Barkley or maybe Melvin Gordon who’s being under valued and pair him with a devonta freeman or cmc and take a wr in the third knowing you have Collins as your rb3 then that’s a great start to a draft. I value rb depth a ton which is why I would try to make that work but you also can’t go wrong with just keeping dj as your first rounder and going from there. All up to you and how you wanna construct your team