Hopes for T. Coleman tonight?

My team overall under performed this week, but is anchored by strong performances from Ertz and the Colts DEF. I could’ve sealed a win last night with a good game from Mixon but of course he picked then to have his worst game of the year.

But I can still steal a victory with Coleman tonight. I only need an average game AT BEST (50-60 yards, a few catches would do.).

For some reason I’m nervous. People, help me quell my nerves, Coleman should at least put up the average, pedestrian numbers I need tonight right? Lol

I’m expecting at least 65 yfscrimmage and a TD with a few receptions. Hopefully there will be more.

Assuming Atlanta keeps winning with offense and starts getting stronger footing for its playoff chances, I think Tevin and Ito will start getting a lot more utilization. Atl has been scoring in complete shoot out desperation mode fashion through the air all season. It’s been out of necessity, it’s been ugly af times , and it’s reaulted in / been exacerbated by many Injuries.

If ATL can keep winning and settle down a bit, offense is going to start with the run going forward to slow things up, control the pace and game flow more to run out clock etc, establish the physical aspect of their game that they have not been putting on display at all so far this season.

But it’s something they must do, and getting a dual threat Tevin / Ito working well and disrupting opponents every week w that duo could mean a lot abt Atlanta’s chances to win in the postseason. Thus, Atlanta just cannot be planning to keep throwing this much all season. At worst, they could injure their truly key guys that way (aka anybody involved in the passing game) and dash their playoff hopes once again.

What that means is a hell of a lot more Ito and Tevin. I ended up with both within the last week and expect basically a minimum of
20 PPR points combined from them every game. That’s already fine by me and works for my team. But hopefully this gets the Falcons offense to be more balanced, and then lets them combine each week for more like 30 minimum - 1 who is doing all the set up work scores 8-12, the other who eats and takes it to the house on avg twice a game, getting 18+ regularly.

Hard to say for sure, but my sense is that Coleman gets unlucky Bc of all this. Falcons drafted Ito, he’s cheap, they found him and he knows nothing but Falcons, he’s young as can possibly be —- Tevin, on the contrary, is in a Contract season and faces FA after this season, and is playing/operating in an effort to maximize whatever his next contract/team is gonna offer for an older veteran guy like he will be. It almost def will NOT be with Atlanta again, Bc ATL signed D Freeman to a major $40MM+ 3 year extension w like 30 guaranteed.

What makes sense for the Falcons is to put Coleman to work out there However possible, but when he gets tackled just short of the end zone after a 50 yard play and looks like he needs a play off, Quinn will always be quick to sub Ito in there in an instant. They want Ito getting the glory, getting the ego boost, getting the team and fan support and spotlight, feeling like he’s a scorer and a winner and part of the time. Coaching also wants even moRe for themselves to look like they made smart decisions in drafting a guy like Ito, so basically I’m saying Coleman is gonna do a lot of work and get a lot of work all season for sure. Nobody worry abt that. But, the Falcons are gonna let Ito (as long as. Keeps converting as he has been) keep taking all the best opportunities and goal line scenarios and anything else he feels he’s ready to develop and start doing more of.

Since I see Ito having similar, if not greater rb ability as Coleman at this stage, it’s possible Coleman quickly becomes an afterthought and used literally only for blocking and maybe even released to free cap space to sign someone on defense. It’s a long shot and I highly doubt any of this, but it illustrates my point that I Think if Ito starts doing by himself the same or better than how Atl’s running game is with he and Coleman as a tandem — that’s gonna mean really bad things for Coleman owners. Just something to consider/ possibly contemplate owning both Coleman and Ito. I did this a lot Bc the thought of just having Tevin was almost less appealing to me than when I only had Ito.

We’ll see though. A lot can happen before the trade deadline, and If the Falcons win tonight, I think there’s a good chance we make a couple moves to fix the D. It could mean trading Coleman…he’s one of our biggest value pieces after all. Idk if D Freeman has a no trade clause or not, but I think most teams can’t take on his situation right now anyway.

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Dang I appreciate the incredibly thought out, in-depth response and analysis from a true Falcons fan. And I am more concerned with Coleman tonight for sure than ROS. If he eventually fades out that won’t be the end of the world for my team. And while a TD would be nice, I don’t even think that’s necessary for what I need tonight. It’s PPR so a modest ground game a few catches out of the backfield will hopefully secure me a win! A TD would be that much better though.

Of course. I think you (and I since I need a comeback win with him tonight too) will be just fine! I can’t imagine he doesn’t score at least 10.