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Hopkins & A-Rob as WR 1 & 2? Upgrade?


So I went RB, RB, RB in the draft, and now my top WRs are Deandre Hopkins, Allen Robinson and Tyreek Hill. I have played for 3 years and never successfully completed a trade, so I could definitely use some help in coming up with some good WRs to try to target as an upgrade to the current situation. Also, I was looking at Devante Parker in the 8th round when my computer froze and autopicked Mariota.

QB Marcus Mariota TEN
RB Melvin Gordon LAC
RB Dalvin Cook MIN
RB Jeremy Hill CIN
RB Thomas Rawls
RB James Conner PIT
RB Jay Ajayi MIA
WR DeAndre Hopkins
WR Allen Robinson
WR Tyreek Hill KC
WR Adam Thielen MIN
WR Ted Ginn NO
TE Tyler Eifert CINQ
K Will Lutz NO
DST Arizona Cardinals ARI
DB Landon Collins NYG


IMO I think you’re in good shape. I’m high on Hill and am betting A Rob returns to WR1 status. Thielen and Ginn are both guys that can contribute in a pinch.


I think Hopkins is being undervalued also. There is NO WAY he has production like last year. even if he improves slightly, hell be a top 20 WR. which relates to fringe WR2.


I don’t think any of them are WR1s, but all 3 are solid WR2s. I’d consider selling T Hill high. If not for a busted coverage, the narrative on him after game 1 would be verrry different. I think he’s a boom or bust player with admittedly huge weekly upside.


Agree with DFWB. If you can trade high on Tyreek and pick up a solid weekly WR1 I would go for it. But if you’re in a 2 WR league I would be 100% comfotable with starting Robinson and Hill as my 1 and 2 weekly.

Tyreek Hill since being truly involved in that offense, has been great way more often than not. Not only is he obviously this team’s WR1, but he ran every imaginable route, which means he’s going to be hard for defenses to predict. Plus half the reason everyone was out on him after last season was the belief he would no longer be involved in special teams work. Except there he was making kick returns, just like last season, which he converted to additional touchdowns on numerous occaisions last season as well.

I think Hill is great, and is going to be a solid WR1 way more weeks than not. However, I do agree the weeks he is not, he is probably going to completely fall off the map. His hands looked great though against NE, and he is literally the fastest man in football. So don’t count him out.

That being said, please take this with as much of a grain of salt as you like, as he helped me get to my championship last year. So I definitely have some bias.