Hopkins and Alex Collins for Mike Evans and Aaron Jones

I’m offering Hopkins and Collins. Is this a good deal? Trying to get a replacement for Hopkins before the effects of the Watson injury start showing.

It’s a standard league. 14 people. No flex position.

I like it. It’ll be tough to get it through. Hopkins ins’t worth much with Savage behind center.

definitely good for you. Question would be whether they accept it

I mean his value took a major hit for sure, but to say he “isn’t worth much” is an overstatement. He may not be top 10 ROS, but I’ll bet he’s top 15

I would absolutely do that, Evans is major upgrade at this point to Hopkins and I don’t see too much difference between Collins and Jones.

I think everyone is bizarrely underrating Hopkins. His value took a clear hit, but he didn’t fall off the face of the map. He was a top 2 WR, and now he’s a top 10…Evans is not in any sense a major upgrade. I would take Evans over Hopkins if you are making me choose, but its close