Hopkins and Ingram for JuJu and Devonta Freeman

0.5 ppr, dynasty. There is also pick 1.09 going with JuJu and Freeman.

This is pretty even for me. I prefer the JuJu side solely based on youth. Likely better for a rebuild.

If you are a contender than the Hopkins/Ingram side makes more sense.

Hopkins - 26 (June 6)
JuJu - 22 (Nov 22)
Ingram - 29 (Dec 21)
Freeman - 27 (Mar 15)


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For context it’s a new 12 team dynasty league. For RB I have Gordon, Freeman, Brieda, Ekeler, Ajayi, WR JuJu, Woods, Golladay, Marvin Jones, DJax, and MVS.

I also agree that this is a decent trade, but I think I would keep Juju and Freeman. I love Hopkins, but in a dynasty Ingram’s age scares me. Brieda has McKinnon and Coleman to deal with, Ekeler is only good for a handcuff, and Ajayi is without a team right now. Baltimore has changed RBs regularly since Rice, whereas ATL has been loyal to Freeman. Hopkins is higher on my list than Juju but that is a lot closer than the Freeman and Ingram gap.

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