Hopkins and Mixon or Gordon and AJ Green

Draftin 8 in Standard league where I already have Thomas and Howard as late round keepers? Other wrinkle could be taking Gronk in second.

Gordon and AJ green.

Hopkins is better than AJ green for sure but AJ green will bounce back this year.

And the gap between Gordon and Mixon is very large for me. Gordon for me is a 1st rounder, Mixon is probably a 3rd.

Hopkins is a first rounder as well but AJ green is a 2nd round talent for me.

No brainer. Melvin tops Mixon easily. Hopkins is great and AJ could still be Tier I. Gotta go Gordon and Green.

Melvin and AJ for me too.

Like em both ! Love Hopkins think he’s gonna be outrageous again ! And Mixon could break out !

i like mixon/hopkins actually