Hopkins+Baldwin OR Julio+Boyd

Hopkins+Baldwin OR Julio+Boyd. Which side of the trade would you rather have?

Close, depending on the health of AJ Green. If he’s done for the year then I’ll take the Hopkins and Baldwin side. If he’s out for 1-3 weeks then Julio and Boyd for me.

  1. If you were 4-5 with Hopkins on bye as your WR1 would you offer Hopkins for Julio straight up in order to avoid facing Julio next week?

  2. If you were the 6-3 Julio owner, would you accept?

It’s not a bad tactic, considering that Julio gets Cleveland next week so the Falcons should crush them. They both have similar schedules ROS, not that it really matter for these guys as both are matchup proof.

I think i prefer Hopkins in any format ROS to be honest, his schedule is better than Jones’ and he gets a ridiculous target share every week. The only risk with him is if Watson goes down but to close they have WAS, TEN, CLE, IND, NYJ and CAR i mean that’s too good. He has a fairly commanding lead on Julio this year in points, especially if you play standard based on the TD totals and he’s much more consistent. Honestly I’d ask for Julio and another player for Hopkins. You may get laughed off and next week will hurt potentially but ROS Hop will be better for your team

Hopkins side for me. I don’t even think I’d take JJ + Boyd for Hopkins straight up tbh.

With AJ Green maybe done for some weeks, maybe more I’m with JJ and Boyd here…

AJ green being out = bad for boyd. Seems counter intuitive but Boyd’s production comes from teams using their top coverage and often double teaming Green. Remove green from the equation and Boyd is the one who has to run into that and the bengals offense as a whole takes a huge step backwards which means less scoring opportunities. I think the trade is actually better with Green healthy but even then, I’ll still take the consistency of Nuk. He is basically a top RB at the WR position which is hard to find.

So, would it be smart to sell Boyd high now? Green seems to miss 2 or 3 weeks. Now I’m concerned about Boyds numbers…